Sunday, April 1, 2007

Anti-C.A.I.R. Rally in Orlando, FL

Last Saturday, a sunny spring afternoon in Orlando, FL, members of the 'United American Committee' and other concerned citizens staged a rally at a busy downtown intersection. The purpose of the rally was to raise awareness about CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations - a front group for radical Islamists funded, in part, by Hamas. The slick, media-savvy, happy face for some very bad people.

Although organizers expected only about a dozen protesters at the intersection, nearly three times that number showed up. Some passersby, right off the street, picked up signs and stood with the other demonstrators. Several drivers and pedestrians stopped to ask what 'CAIR' was and why we were so adamantly opposed to them. They were provided with handouts and as much truth about the trojan horse organization as we could muster between green lights.

I say 'we' because I was there taking pictures, holding signs and even trying to hold a rational conversation about radical Islam with a young Muslim man that happened by. Yeah, I said 'trying' because all he could do was speak in regurgitated, anti-American one-liners shoved into his tiny brain, no doubt, courtesy of the local Religion-of-Peace mosque. Anyway, we soon gave up trying to hold a rational conversation with him although he did stick around long enough to hold an American Flag upside down amidst the anti-CAIR protesters. It should be noted here that, despite his desire to provoke us, he was NOT beheaded, nor was he insulted or hurt in any way - which is as much a testament to the tolerance of the protesters as it was to their self-control.

I asked him what would happen to me if I held a Hezbollah flag upside down and shouted down with Hezbollah at a rally in Lebanon. He looked at me, to paraphrase a Don Henley song, "incomprehendingly, like cows at a passing train."

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