Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Nope, No Terrorism Here..."

Even before the gun smoke had dissipated at scenes of shootings from a Jewish Federation in Washington state to the Empire State Building in NYC. Even before the wails of ambulances carrying innocent victims that had been intentionally run over by like minded drivers had faded into the distance. Even before the echoes of an explosion near a packed football stadium on the campus of the University of Oklahoma that was heard over 4 miles away and blew out windows over 100 yards from its detonation point had stopped reverberating in the cool, fall air, authorities, both local and Federal pronounced with reassuring certainty that none of those incidents, thank goodness, had anything whatever to do with terrorism.

Phew! For a moment, I was worried.

You can all go home and watch American Idol or more breathless reporting on the latest episode of the soap opera that Brittany Spears’ life has become. No, don’t worry your pretty little heads about these isolated, unrelated incidents.

Sure the perpetrators were all of the Muslim faith.
Sure they had all killed or planned to kill American Jews and other infidels.
Sure they had all either left jihadist suicide notes, had associations with known terrorist groups, or, as in one case, even yelled ‘I Hate Israel’ while gunning down Jews in Seattle.

Related? No way.

If you take comfort in the hypersonic denials of terrorism issued after each episode then this site is most decidedly NOT for you. If, however, you have been curious about he intentions or comonality or purpose and motivation of these reportedly isolated, Lone-Wolf terrorism events right here in our backyards, then you’ve come to the right place. Go pour a cup of coffee and read what the mainstream media don’t want you to know.



Naughty can't use the word 'terrorism' anymore. Youhave to use the term 'Justified Retribution'


Counter-Jihadist said...

I rather prefer Robert Spencer's alternative to the word terrorist - 'misunderstander of Islam'. ; )